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  • Presbytery of Costal Carolina

Listening Sessions

Listening Conversations with Ministry Architects

Listening Sessions will be approximately one hour.


If you are able to attend the Listening Session for your community please sign up for that one, but you are also free to sign up for a different Listening Session if the date/time does not work for you.


Information for the Zoom Listening Sessions will be emailed in advance; the in-person Listening Sessions will take place at the Presbytery office.


Time/Date Options

Wed., July 10, 6 PM General (Zoom)

Thurs., July 18, 10 AM General (Zoom)

Wed., July 24, 11:45 AM EAST Community (Zoom or in-person)

Wed., July 24, 2:30 PM CENTRAL Community (Zoom or in-person)

Wed., July 24, 3:45 PM WEST Community (Zoom or in-person)

Spanish Listening Session - please contact me to set up a time.

I am interested in participating, but none of these times work for me.


If you have questions, please contact us by email


Register your interest & Sign-up Form                                  in English



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